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About us

Nefis is a brand founded in 1995 by the ILHAN family. Located in Manage, on an area of ​​6,000 m², it employs around twenty people. The company is equipped with advanced technology for the manufacture of dairy products and respects the hygiene and environmental rules in force.
Its quality dairy products have the traditional Balkan and Middle Eastern flavor. They are available in three ranges: cheeses, yogurts and ayran (milk drink made from yogurt). The range consists of more than 40 products (kashkaval, feta type cheese, yoghurts, …).
The capacity of the factory is 10,000 tons of finished products per year!
Since its incorporation, the company has exported throughout Europe and more specifically to Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Bosnia-Herzegovina … in terms of major exports: The Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Palestine, Israel, Republic of Yemen, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Iraq…).